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Unix theme for Pterodactyl 1.10.x

Unix theme for Pterodactyl 1.10.x

#1 Pterodactyl Premium Theme
This update includes some fixes:
- Made the Search Bar clickable
- Changed the width of the scrollbar to be 6px
- Made Search Bar, Light Switcher, File Dropdown darker
2 months ago • 44 downloads
This update includes some fixes and some optimization:

Fixed dropdown's background color on darkmode being white
Fixed all Admin pages' icons being weird and some missing
Some optimization for the data passing
Made dropdown background lighter than the set color for the background
3 months ago • 27 downloads
This update is very minor, in v4.1.1 there's an issue with icons on the Unix admin page, we have upgraded FontAwesome to v5.

You would only to run the installer, no need to download it again
3 months ago • 14 downloads
This update includes some fixes and some optimization:

Having an image background, led to the header having a background color, now it has a blur behind it
Remove unused definition of Font Awesome's CDN
`php artisan unix remove` now fully removes all Unix files
On the login page, the container shouldn't have a white background
For the dropdown in the header, a non-transparent background has been set
3 months ago • 0 downloads
## Unix v4.1.0
The issues with the installer has been fixed, you would need download the new installer where you bought Unix. Alongside we are releasing a new version with some bug fixes and features:
- Add nestId/eggId for addons support
- Show the navbar on small devices
- Fix logo not hiding away
- Fix dark mode button not being shown
- Fix navbar having a transparent background
- Fix embed title having a `"` at the end

4 months ago • 20 downloads
Updated the installer
7 months ago • 83 downloads
**Unix ** is now available in React :tada:

Since most of Pterodactyl's frontend consists of React, we've decided to match that theme and recode Unix to React. This brings some performance upgrades and overall, a better and smoother experience for end users. You now also will have an easier time using Unix with other addons.

Before we make an official release, we are looking for users who are able to test the new recoded version and provide feedback. You may follow instructions below to upgrade.

**How to Upgrade (BETA)** (It is advised that you make a backup or test on a staging panel)
1. `cd /var/www/pterodactyl`
2. `php artisan unix restore`
3. You are pretty much done but might see visuals bugs, this is because you haven't cleared cache. Type `/support cache` in here for more information

Feedback and questions #💎unix-pterodactyl channel in our discord server

Credits to @PadowYT2#1148 for making it happen :yeey:
7 months ago • 11 downloads
Fixed an issue with the installer for users installing their first time
about 1 year ago • 401 downloads
Update Auto-Installer Code
about 1 year ago • 34 downloads
This update was updated for Pterodactyl 1.10.x

There are some new core changes to the installer. After updating with `php artisan unix:install` type in `php artisan unix help` for more info
- Fixed some design changes with buttons
about 1 year ago • 19 downloads
Updated support for Pterodactyl 1.9.1 :white_check_mark:
Added Brand new Dark / Light mode switch
Added Light / Dark color config
Added option to disable switcher
Brand new Console layout
Added missing mailable file
Fixed other design changes
*Screenshot of new update below*
about 1 year ago • 35 downloads
- Brand new Unix Installer (Check readme file for more info)
- Fixed a lot of CSS bugs
about 1 year ago • 27 downloads
Fixed issue with unset variable
Fixed issue with guest users getting error
Fixed login page giving error 500
Fixed Login page Forgot password styling
Fixed top navbar and topbar settings not working
Fixed Pterodactyl trademark
Fixed File dropdown
Fixed file select box not centered
Fixed form border colors
Fixed modal backgrounds
Fixed Button styling
Better ServerRow Styling
Added SSH Keys to sidebar
Added styling to console bar
about 1 year ago • 11 downloads
- Updated for Pterodactyl 1.8.1
- Implemented new License system
- Code revamp to use Tailwind and React
- Includes bugfixes and general updates.
about 1 year ago • 6 downloads
Reverted old ServerRow, for those who want to use the new one, please check pinned messages in unix channel
about 1 year ago • 34 downloads
If you are having issues when running yarn build:production, please update to the newer version :)
about 1 year ago • 2 downloads
Added new server layout
Changed update server
about 1 year ago • 9 downloads
**Unix Theme**
- Added Mailing system [Send individual users emails]
- Fixed bunch of smaller bugs and updated scripts files
about 1 year ago • 17 downloads
- Updated Theme to Support Pterodactyl v1.7.0
- Updated TSX files; Removed Unused Files
about 1 year ago • 38 downloads
Added option to change email button color
Fixed issue with Unix language
over 2 years ago • 28 downloads
Supported for Pterodactyl 1.6.6
Separated CSS fields
Fixed Sidebar translation
over 2 years ago • 19 downloads
Supported version: Pterodactyl 1.6.5
Removed old text from updates area.
over 2 years ago • 8 downloads
Updated logout button logic in panel & admin area
over 2 years ago • 7 downloads
Updated for pterodactyl 1.6.3
over 2 years ago • 4 downloads
Added Custom CSS Login
Bug fix sidebar for small devices
Notice updates page
over 2 years ago • 1 downloads
New Features:

Added support for Pterodactyl version 1.6.2
Added new option in advanced settings (Disable Sidebar)
Added FAQ to support page
Bug Fixes

Fixed bug with 2FA login
Fixed background colors for options
over 2 years ago • 21 downloads
A new Update is available! **2.2.0**

**New Features:**

- Added support for Pterodactyl version 1.6

**Bug Fixes:**

- Fixed small issue with text highlighting

**How to Update?**
You can find the instructions in `Panel > Unix Settings > Update`

If you enjoyed the update, please consider leaving a review
over 2 years ago • 17 downloads
New Features:

Custom CSS in Admin Panel: You can now write your own CSS in the advanced tab in Unix Settings
Added Support for Plugins Module by Gigabait

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Error 500 when saving settings
over 2 years ago • 20 downloads
New Features:

Added Advanced Background Settings
You can now set Youtube Video's and Images as backgrounds!
Added Logo Branding: This will let you upload your logo and display it top left of the screen in the Login and Panel Pages.
Gradient colors can now also be used for backgrounds
Bug Fixes:

Fixed issue with element glow in login page
Fixed issue with backgrounds of elements in schedules page
Fixed issue with background of proccessing element
Fixed issue with theme button not showing in Admin page
over 2 years ago • 19 downloads
Hotfix: Fixed issues with saving, 500 Errors & Reset to Default button
over 2 years ago • 13 downloads
Added support for Pterodactyl v1.5.1
Fixed background color in backups tab
Added new email customization system
Small bug fixes
over 2 years ago • 10 downloads




  • Configure your website with an easy-to-use system found in admin panel
  • Instant changes, no need to build panel assets after every change, changes will be visible instantly
  • Enable and Disable certain Elements on your website such as the top navbar, image in login page and a lot more
  • Create Alerts in the backend panel to be displayed on your website, Alerts help users notify about changes
  • Sidebar, Have links displayed on the sidebar (Staff members will have their own menu's in the sidebar)
  • Dozens of Color options, change colors from the admin panel in real-time
  • Set permissions for users to view and hide certain elements as well as for admins
  • Upload your custom logo
  • Integrate Discord chatbox in your site and Arc with just a few clicks
  • Highly responsive: Your website will look amazing no matter which device is used, elements will adapt to the screen size.
  • Support for all color formats: RGB, HEX, HSL or you can use keywords such as: "Green", "Blue", or select through the color selector
  • Update Checker: whenever there is a new update, you'll be automatically notified
  • And much much more...!



The Installation process is very simple, the instructions are written inside the resource zip file, called "README"



Need help or have questions? Please join our Discord server for help:

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over 2 years ago • 35 downloads