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The Next-Gen Solution for WHMCS-Pterodactyl Integration

The Next-Gen Solution for WHMCS-Pterodactyl Integration

PteroSync: WHMCS module that does everything for you!


What does PteroSync do?

PteroSync is a WHMCS module that integrates seamlessly with the Pterodactyl panel, offering automated server management and resource allocation. It's designed to simplify server tasks, especially for game servers.

Why PteroSync?

excels in managing server allocations for a wide range of popular games, including those requiring extra port offsets and specific default variables. It provides consistent, top-tier support to all customers, regardless of their license type.

Not sure?

PteroSync is offering a free license forever, allowing you to try it out for yourself and see the benefits first hand. Experience its features without any cost!

Key Features of PteroSync:

  1. Automated Server Management: Simplifies the server setup and management process.
  2. Dynamic Resource Allocation: Adapts resources based on server demands.
  3. User-Centric Design: Focuses on ease of use and accessibility.
  4. Automated Ports Offset: Manages port assignments automatically.

Comprehensive documentation is available to assist users in maximizing PteroSync's potential. It offers detailed guides and insights into each feature.

For more details, visit PteroSync

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