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Billing Module Release [NEW MODULE]
Started by Mubeen

I'm very hyped to make this announcement, I can't wait! :smiley: 

The billing system is finally ready for release! We've solved most of the major bugs and have tested on demo panels. 

Everything works and functions the way we anticipated.


Here is a quick overview of the complete module on YouTube:




@GIGABAIT#0400 has also implemented a new pages system, you can now create unlimited amounts of custom pages, each with a unique URL and add them to the sidebar. The admin area is complete and is looking good!

We've also implemented a Darkmode Toggler, and made everything adapt smoothly. Each user can set their preferred mode in user dropdown.


Screenshots can be found @ the resource page. Feel free to ask any questions in #🌐general-en in our Discord Server

This module was made on special request of @Cappone#0571


Hi please check mail from: [email protected] & [email protected] regarding my multiple licences lost, im sure you are attatched to the wemx mail...let me know, thanks.

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Mubeen I sent you a message about it. Plesase answer me.